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A True Display of Sophistication
The Dalmore Whisky, Custom Cabinet


Completion Date
The Dalmore
Custom Display Cabinet
Commercial, Custom Fabrication
When The Dalmore released their whisky collection in 2014, they had to promote it in a unique way. Nothing short of the highest standard would be acceptable.

So they came to Can-Design and they charged us with the task: design and build a replica of a high-end custom display cabinet they were using to promote the collection in Europe. In three weeks. Our love for crazy impossible challenges (and tasty whiskies) made us say “Hell’s yes.”

The first challenge was figuring out what to build. All we had to work from was a single photo of the original cabinet. From there, we researched the best way to produce the same result with local products within the three-week timeline.

The original cabinet had a gradient spray-painted piano high-gloss finish. To get that effect, we used an adhesive vinyl wrap with a digitally printed gradient and a high-gloss lamination. The emblem logo was laser-cut chromed aluminium, which sounds great with a British accent but is
impossible to get in that timeline. We substituted that with a chrome adhesive vinyl die cut. The final detail that made the cabinet—shall we say twinkle?—was the fibre optic LED lights, which we were able to source and install.

This dynamic indoor display sat for several weeks in a BC Liquor Store, elegantly showcasing The Dalmore whisky collection. Curious whisky enthusiasts circled the display, leaning in for a closer look at the bottles, all the while blissfully unaware of the story of the cabinet below.