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BC Cannabis Store (Province-wide)
BC Cannabis Stores, Interior Signages


Completion Date
BC Cannabis Store (Province-wide)
Interior Signages
Window Frosting, Architectural Finishes, Wall Treatment
BC Cannabis thoughtfully outfitted every single store with beautiful, customized directional and decorative signage, designed to engage customers and promote their message of responsible consumption.

Can-Design is tasked with the full interior store signage installation including window frostings stretch graphic displays, graphic panels on alupanel, acrylic, laminate wood and 3-D lettering.

The challenge with such a multi-faceted project is to remain consistent and ensure every store was identical to the previous builds. We obsessed with perfecting our process and creating templates replicated again and again to that point that it is now like a well choreographed dance.

We continue to enjoy every new market and store that we are tasked with as we learn more after every install and overcome new challenges to continually refine our skills and showcase our craftsmanship.