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White Ink Matters

Printing white ink with traditional offset printing has always been tricky, and usually requires resorting to white foil stamping to achieve the desired opacity, which is […]

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Textile Printing

Textile Digital Printing 2016

As that rectangular plastic box on your office desk probably shows, digital printing isn’t new. So what make this post relevant? Why make such a big […]

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Glass printing

Revolution in the Digital Printing Market

Ink has been the bread & butter for the last known decade for paper base printing communication. And the game has seen major changes with more […]

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3D Printing sample

3D printing combining large format printings.

News from the printing markets. (Massivit 3D Printing Technologies recently announced that New York-based large format print business, Carisma, has created ten eye-catching 3D printed graphics […]

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