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Printing Outside the Lines

Our Origin Story

It was out of the shadows of the 2008 recession, a time when print’s dominance was losing to the emerging digital world, that Can-Design forged its reputation for innovation, creativity and reimagining the future of the industry.

Founded in 1994 by two brothers, Marco and Johnnie Lai, Can-Design started as a simple copy and print shop. The brothers were not printers by trade—Marco was an accountant and Johnnie a businessman—but they found a niche focusing on the print needs of small businesses: flyers, brochures, restaurant menus, business cards—you know, business things.

Then in 2008, Marco’s son James took over the business. And what he saw was an opportunity. Building on the foundation his father and uncle set, along with his relentless, hard-working, and ridiculously skilled crew, he transformed the print shop.

Today, Can-Design’s team is a creative juggernaut leading the way in redefining the print world through large format printing and environmental graphics.

What We Do
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What are Environmental Graphics?

Environmental graphics are a way of bringing a brand to life by extending it from a one-dimensional digital space to a three-dimensional form using graphics, architecture, landscaping and interior design.