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Wall Treatment, Window Frosting, Window Treatment
Sigma Safety, Environmental Graphics


Completion Date
February 2021
Sigma Safety Corp
Environmental Graphics
Wall Murals, Window Frosting, Window Treatment
Sigma Safety Corp - the first line of defence for those who keep us safe, an amazing company specializing in public safety vehicle equipment for the police and fire department. With the utmost highest standards in safety and quality, we were tasked with designing, producing, and installing environmental graphics throughout the interior and exterior of their office & service center.

Taking on a project from start to finish is something that we love. Working with clients from design to implementation allows us to collaborate creatively as well as managing expectations with the budget. We can flex our creative muscles and work together as a team to come up with designs that encompasses the values that our client’s brand represents. Together with Sigma, we collaborated on everything from the designs of their office privacy frosting and doors to the photography that we featured on their reception walls. Each area was curated and thoughtfully reviewed so that the designs worked together seamlessly. As a trusted partner, we moved through the stages of this campaign in a pace that worked for our client, answering any questions, and ensuring that they could visualize the wall murals and were confident with the results even before the installation.

With Phase 1 of the installation complete, the interior environmental graphics included wall murals featuring historic fire department and police department archived photos as well as fun taglines for associates and visitors to enjoy when stepping into the space. The office doors and windows now offer privacy for the associates utilizing the Sigma crest interchangeably with the whimsical feel of the curved lines running throughout the office doors. The Sigma brand is visually represented in the design through subtle tones as not to take away from the photography and clean lines.

Installation was a full day effort with Sigma associates kindly working from home to allow our team to come in and transform their interior space from a blank canvas to what we hope is an inspiring design up to par with the quality and service synonymous to the Sigma brand.