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Gryphon Development
Gryphon House, Presentation Centre


Completion Date
February 2021
Gryphon Development
Presentation Centre
3D Lettering, Custom Fabricated Photo Frames, Custom Wall Paneling, Acrylic Photo Panels, Wall Mural
In the heart of Kerrisdale is the sophisticated masterpiece Gryphon House by Gryphon Development. As this global brand embodies artistry and creativity in their designs, we strive to ensure that we delivered the same level of perfection that they have come to expect.

Gryphon House proved to be a creative challenge that we happily accepted and collaborated on as a team. Many elements were involved in the Gryphon House Presentation Centre; from the one-of-a-kind hand-crafted custom photo frames we designed and produced to acrylic photo panels, 3D lettering with metallic paint, custom wall panelling and vinyl wall mural graphics. One of the keys to success is… planning, planning, and planning! It is so important to visualize the big picture to ensure that all pieces look good together once assembled.

Our production team has the foresight to envision how the layers will look assembled and assists in providing guidelines to help our installers as they line up all the elements on the wall. Every measurement is already done at the shop well in advance before installation – so the installation process is seamless and on schedule.

Before the installation, our team meets to carefully choreograph each process so that once we step out onto the floor – the performance begins, and the magic happens. During the installation, the custom wall panels had to be cut on-site, so the right tools needed to be used to get the exact measurements down to the millimetre so that every piece of the puzzle fit just right. In the end, the Gryphon House Presentation Centre showcased the beauty and care that Can-Design takes in every project we embark on