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Window & Wall Graphics, 3-D lettering, Wayfinding
Richmond Oval, Wayfinding


Completion Date
March 2019
Richmond Olympic Oval
Re-brand graphics of Fitness Centre
Window & Wall Graphics, 3-D lettering, Wayfinding
When the Richmond Oval looked to re-brand their Fitness Centre, they partnered with to Can-Design to execute the rebrand.

The challenge included new wayfinding signage, updating all Fitness Centre signage, mirror vinyls, and 3-D lettering throughout various signage. The best part was trying to find a way to install everything efficiently and effectively while keeping the Fitness Centre operational.

Can-Design rose to the challenge and not only executed the install with guests in tow but did so in a way that we did not interrupt their experience at the Fitness Centre. A positive experience for the guest is a win for us!