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Construction & Real Estate Signage
Concord Pacific, Development Signage


Completion Date
February 2021
Concord Pacific
Exterior Development Signage
Mesh Banner, Fence Banner, Pylon Alupanel Sign
Situated in central Richmond, Concord Pacific’s impressive Galleria, underwent new exterior messaging on all their fence banners.

This massive project consists of completely removing existing banners and installing over 10,000 sqft of new banners along the perimeter as well as updating the monumental 40ft x 20ft pylon sign. To successfully coordinate this project, careful planning, and measurements needed to be undertaken. Through the diligent work of our site survey team – they carefully double-checked every panel, ensuring that no section was left unnoticed. Measurements were then transferred to the production team who carefully produced thousands of feet of mesh and fence banners.

The Can-Design shop meticulously planned every movement from production to the execution of this multi-day installation project. The installation team secured all signage on site safely and within the timeframe, despite Mother Nature’s unforgiving weather. In the end, Galleria received fresh new banners, and hours of careful planning and attention to detail resulted in a well-executed project.