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Wall Treatment, Retail Signs
Mr. Lube, Wall Murals


Completion Date
December 2020
Mr. Lube
Brand Awareness Wall Murals
Bulkhead Wall Graphics, CNC cut lettering, Digitally printed aluminum composite panel graphics
Mr.Lube executed a Brand Awareness campaign at the end of December with the new vibrant creative in 12 of their shops in the Lower Mainland. In six short days, the Can-Design team installed various bulkhead wall murals on multiple surfaces.

The challenge of this project was when our site survey team visited each location and found that wall materials varied between painted drywall, cement brick walls and metal cladding. The production team had to pair the right material to the specific wall material at each location so that the result would look consistent from store to store. In order to get the same clean look across all locations; the painted drywall received printed adhesive vinyl, but the cement brick walls needed a blue paint job instead of a vinyl wrap. The metal cladding required an extra layer of aluminum composite board, so the graphics were installed flat and last longer. We methodically deliberated on different finishings to ensure that we provided the most cost-effective option to the client while delivering the best results.

Our philosophy of Measure Twice, Cut Once was tested in this project as the installation team had to strategically plan and execute the details of installing 12 wall murals locations in six days but to do so with minimal repairs on site. Team collaboration and preparation is what we pride ourselves on at Can-Design in order to accomplish this project close to flawless perfection.