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BC Cannabis, Window Fabrication


Completion Date
June 2021
BC Cannabis
Custom Window Panels Fabrication
Window Treatments, Window Frosting, Custom Fabrication Wood Frames
As an established strategic partnership with BC Cannabis, Can-Design was consulted to come up with a creative idea to display store window graphics on wood panels as opposed to the traditional frosting.

Up to the task, Can-Design planned, sketched, and designed a system of customized window panels to replace window frosting for the new store of BC Cannabis located in Saanich. A wood frame would act as the main skeleton of the system, which would be located behind the four windows in the storefront, and within each window frame, acrylic was inserted between them, and panels of frosting graphic, white brick panel, basalt slate, copper panel, and brushed aluminum were attached to the acrylic showcasing the dynamic textures and materials used throughout the store.

The challenge of a fully custom fabrication project as this is to maintain all the sizes and specifications are perfect to ensure that all pieces are will fit together like a puzzle during the installation process. We love learning new skills with each project and finding new ways to challenge what we already know and continually pushing our boundaries. This team project was completed and installed to perfection and it came down to practice and precision and dedication to the vision of the design.