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Gryphon Development
Gryphon Development, Nova Presentation Centre


Completion Date
October 2021
Gryphon Development
Custom Fabricated Lightbox, Custom Wall Graphics, Acrylic Panels, Wall Mural
Presentation Centre
In the heart of South Granville is the blended art and design space that redefines modern living, Gryphon Nova, by Gryphon Development. Gryphon Nova requested Can-Design to re-design their space to showcase the future of modern work & life, so we delightfully collaborated as a team to bring the celestial theme to life. Many elements were used in the Gryphon Nova Presentation Centre; from custom fabricated lightboxes that included delicate CNC designs on alupanel to custom wall graphics and vinyl wall mural graphics, and then acrylic panels covered with holographic vinyl to create an eye-catching effect. The goal of the presentation centre is to leave visitors feeling inspired, which is accomplished by this imaginative and creative display.

Gryphon Nova demonstrates Can-Design's ability to think outside of the box to take a client's vision and push the boundaries even further to bring the vision to life - even better than ever expected.