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Little Green Nuggets, Window Graphics


Completion Date
April 2021
Little Green Nuggets
Store Window Graphics
Window Frosting, Security Film, Graphic Design
Have you had a chance to visit Lillooet? This natural landscape-themed cannabis store brings a slice of relaxation the moment you walk in the door. Before their grand opening, Little Green Nuggets teamed up with Can-Design, to design and print their store window graphics. This included window frosting, window graphic design, and security films. The inspiration behind the design was to capture the essence of the Fraser River, the Gold Rush Trail, and pay tribute to the First Nations history in Lillooet. We believe that we were able to accomplish everything that the client was looking for in this beautifully finished work.

The window frosting was a great way to create such a cool image by combining various shades using 3M Optically Clear Adhesive film with white ink. We ran several test prints to find the right settings to clearly distinguish the five different shades, and finally found the accurate percentage of ink settings. The best part is that it did not completely block outside light, so it played the role of indirect lighting in the interior. In addition to the beautifully designed frosting artwork, we installed clear 8mil security films which are essential to protecting the store.