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Head Office
Gryphon Development, Custom Signs


Completion Date
March 2021
Gryphon Development
Head Office Signages
Custom Fabrication, CNC, Wall treatments
Located in the heart of South Granville, Gryphon re-located their Head Office in this dynamic neighbourhood. We were once again a part of the transformation of this retail space into a functioning office and showroom with custom signs for clients. Gryphon brings 25 years of inspired global architecture and artist-led design expertise to this meticulously considered artwork, so we strive to provide perfection that is equal to or beyond what they expected.
Many elements were involved in the Gryphon Development Head Office; from the one-of-a-kind hand-crafted exterior sign with 12mm PVC we fabricated to metallic pattern vinyl strips, the 3D logo routed with the CNC machine and finished with metallic gold paint. Storefront windows were lined with delicate gold vinyl strips to accentuate the Gryphon brand.