As that rectangular plastic box on your office desk probably shows, digital printing isn’t new. So what make this post relevant? Why make such a big deal? Digital printing is saving the runway fashion, that’s big. But how? Regular fabric patterns are created through rotary or flatbed screen printing that requires color by color, farbic to fabric printing. Simply put, you needed to print a lot of fabric and waste a lot of time. So whether you were a small backstreet designer or an incredible exclusive limited edition high-end design house, you would still be restricted in your choices by not blowing out all the creative budgets.

Digital textile printing doesn’t carries that burden. Just like your everyday printer, designer can create the exact size of fabric they want. Or just one off design for show or to demonstrate.
It make sense for the upper market designers, but what about us regular users? We can create our own pillow cases and your very own bed sheets. Best of all, a touching special gift for newly weds.