Vehicle Wraps: Show off your branding whenever you're on the go!

If your business regularly hits the streets in multiple vehicles, why not make the most of your mobility with a fleet of vehicle wraps? These billboards on wheels are high impact mobile marketing techniques, proven to increase brand awareness.

Studies show, the vehicle wrap offers the lowest cost per impression over any other advertising medium. With proper care, a vehicle wrap can last for about five years. When you consider the cost of your wrap stretched out over time, it averages to thousands of advertising impressions daily. That’s just a few dollars a day! Choose from our selection of materials, colours to match your branding and how much to wrap your vehicle.

We offer three varieties of design coverage:

Full wraps involve bumper to bumper vinyl. Typically, full wraps are great if you're looking to showcase large graphics, tie several photographic images together or give your vehicles a fun pattern.

Partial wraps are popular choices for fleets since they use less material than full wraps, which can keep costs down. Further, the partial wrap can sometimes translate to larger vehicles in a more creative way than the full wrap. A partial wrap still allows for big, bold graphics, but usually only on the sides or back of a vehicle.

Custom decals and lettering is a good option for companies who only want to convey basic information on their vehicles, such as the name or logo. Some simple contact information like a web address or phone number might also be included.