Banners: Want to be easily spotted? Get a Banner!
At a trade show event, the first thing people notice are Banners, the most eye-catching, attention-grabbing pieces of fabric/PVC hanging around the venue. In addition to the traditional Banners, there are also Retractable Banner Stands and X-frame Banners, which stand on their own vertically from the ground. Not only can they be spotted at eye-level, but they are also easy to travel with and set up.

Besides exhibition displays, you see banners almost everywhere – street flags, promotional banners in the display windows of a shop, over-sized mesh banners hanging down from a building, fence covers for construction sites, backdrop banners on stages, and etc. All these you can order from Can-Design. Indoor or outdoor, large or small, short term or long term use, hang or stand, it's your choice! Get a custom quote today!