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KPU Campuses
Kwantlen polytechnic university, flagpole banners


Completion Date
January 2023
KPU Campuses
Flagpole Banners
Fresh new flagpole banners were showcased at three KPU (Kwantlen Polytechnic University) campuses across the Lower Mainland! A lot of effort went into crafting and organizing the banners to ensure a smooth installation process for the installers. Using double-sided block-out mesh that is fire retardant treated is a wise choice for outdoor banners, as it ensures durability and safety. The grommets and pockets for the horizontal bars at the top and bottom of the banners provide stability and allow for easy installation by the installers.
Installing banners at higher elevations can be challenging, especially when considering the weather conditions. fortunately the installs were completed flawlessly and that the flags are proudly flying across all campuses.
The new flagpole banners will showcase the KPU brand across the campuses and help create a vibrant atmosphere for students and visitors.