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We had the pleasure of wrapping the old Edgewater Casino shuttle buses a few years back and we can’t help but reminisce on some great memories that we had working on many incredible projects at Edgewater Casino. 

Hands down, the shuttle bus wraps was one of the favourites! Let’s take a trip down memory lane as we look back at this amazing project… 

We had the pleasure of re-wrapping Edgewater Casino’s two shuttle buses. For the new look, we suggested a matte metallic blue for the base wrap accentuated by glossy vinyl for the images and text. With a matte base, it definitely gave the gloss a more punchy look. 

The procedure of wrapping a bus has several steps: 

1. Pull off the old wrap 

2. Use adhesive remover and scrape the old glue off the bus.

3. Wash the bus and wipe down with alcohol. This preps the bus for the new wrap. Being very thorough, the alcohol gets rid of any adhesive removal residue and helps the new wrap stay on with more strength. 

4. Wrap with the base metallic blue and using a torch to help it take shape. The blue almost works like a saran wrap over the bus. Pull it tightly and torch areas for it to take shape. Once this is done, you trim the leftover wrap and squeegee it all into place. 

5. Next up are the images & text installation. Place the gloss vinyl on the bus and squeegee it into place without air bubbles. Once this is done, the mask is then removed. 

6. That brings us to the final product!