In addition to the creative process and colour usage posts from the previous 2 Design Tips segments, we have the element of typography to add to the mix. Just like colour, typeface selection can play a huge role in getting your message across to your audience.

The process of selecting a typeface can be just as elaborate as going through the creative process. However, if you’ve done your homework by researching your project, client and audience, this process won’t be an arduous task.

First, you want to establish the medium. Are we going for print or web? Checking the background of the typeface is advised to see if it’s web safe. Standard web safe fonts include: Georgia, Arial, Courier, Verdana and Times New Roman.

If print is your destination, what exactly are you making? A huge sign in Kitsilano? A poster for a downtown Vancouver event? Or are you creating a magazine/book that will have a heavier reading load for the audience? You will have to establish how you want your content to be read and then make your selections wisely.

Popular signage fonts include Helvetica, Garamond, and Futura. For magazines and books: Minion, Baskerville, Scala, Garamond and Trade Gothic can be easier on the eyes when dealing with more text.

There are hundreds of typefaces out there and making a decision on which one to proceed with can be an intimidating task. Feel free to browse typeface sites such as and and see what works for your project!